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How to find the best straighter for your hair!

Every girl’s dream is to have straight, silky, and beautiful hair. It is certainly worthwhile to put your money on the greatest hairstraightener once in a while. There are numerous hair straighteners on the market these days, making it extremely difficult to select the finest one for you. As a result, in this blog, we have compiled a list of guidelines to help you choose the finest electronic for your hair while keeping your hair’s health in mind!


It is essential to distinguish between different types of straighteners based on their material and plate size because they might have varying effects on your hair depending on how you use them.



This is the most common type, which allows it to warm up quickly, in around 10 seconds. It also distributes heat evenly throughout the hair!

Babyliss 2069U Pro Ceramic 230 is the greatest ceramic haistraightener. It provides a salon temperature of up to 230 degrees Celsius for an instant frizz-free professional straight style.


Because it permits the greatest temperature, this one is ideal for thick and coarse hair. They are quite effective – the hair is straightened with the first pass!


Tourmaline plates emit negative ions and infrared heat, allowing for moisture and shine in the hair. They also keep frizz away. Even at low temperatures, tourmaline has a beneficial impact. Therefore, tourmaline flat irons are ideal for fine, thin, or damaged hair.

Size of Plates


Narrow plates are perfect for short hair and creating waves.
Small hair irons are also ideal for styling bangs and spikes, and they are portable.


Wide plates feature a larger ironing surface and are ideal for people with long or thick hair.


The most versatile plates are the classics. These irons are appropriate for all hair forms and lengths. They are typically spherical in shape, which is ideal for creating waves.



Ionic irons release negative ions, which keep hair from frizzing. They seal the cuticles of the hair, making it more moisturised, glossy, and resistant to harm.
Such hairstraightener is ideal for frizzy hair.


The steam action is gentler on the hair fibre. Because steam has a beneficial effect on hair, hairstraighteners with steam are more suited for fine or fragile hair.

Temperature Setting
Temperature based on hair type
  • Fragile and weak hair: 100°C – 140°C
  • Fine hair: 140°C – 160°C
  • Normal hair: 160°C – 180°C
  • Thick hair: 180°C – 240°C

These are some of the methods for identifying suitable hairstraightener for your hair. You can think about these before purchasing a hair straightener for yourself in order to acquire the best one!

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