Checklist for Eid Shopping for Girls in 2022

Girls look forward to Eid all year to wear wonderful outfits and show off their style, with as much dressing up as they wish, as it is well considered that EID is for the female members of the home. Also, it is Muslims’ belief that Allah likes his followers to wear new and clean clothes during Eid to express gratitude for his mercy and blessings.

Talking about Eid shopping, everyone is looking for quality material products at low prices to make Eid special. So everyone is looking for the best possible option to find a good quality product. Bazaarghar has ended these trust issues among its customers by giving them value. Bazaarghar is a one-of-a-kind video-based selling platform that gives users a detailed glimpse of what they want to buy. So get ready because this article is going to tell you what you should buy from Bazaarghar in order to make your Eid very special. Here is an Eid Shopping Checklist for Girls for 2022, which includes all of the products that every woman enjoys purchasing for the joyful holiday of Eid.

The Best Eid Outfit

For the Men, Salwar Kameez or a long white robe are popular choices at the festival of Eid. But if we talk about girls, they choose according to the most recent fashion trends and styles. Salwar Kameez, Kameez Trouser, Kameez with Sharara, Frock Dress, Frock Churidar, and other Pakistani Eid Dresses are the most popular selections.

Every girl wants to be the best-dressed lady in the room, so investing in a beautiful outfit that matches your style preferences is essential. Also, it is very important to choose fabrics and accessories that are comfortable for you to wear in hot weather.

Bazaarghar gives you access to different brands in one place to ensure the products which are in trends for your Eid festival. For instance:

Gul Ahmed

Many brands have launched gorgeous Eid lawn Suits that are comfortable in this burning weather, and Gul Ahmed is one of the best choices. A brand name itself is enough for the quality of their product. Gul Ahmed’s latest articles look elegant, making them the greatest option to buy for the Eid festival.

Shoes and Bags  

Eid without matching shoes with outfits is imperfect for girls. Shoes and handbags are a fun way to express yourself and channel your creativity. Untidy and mismatched shoes demonstrate your lack of fashion sense, but elegant and appealing shoes display your taste and artistic sense. A decent pair of shoes enhance your fashion appeal while also assisting you in creating the right appearance and satisfying your desire for fashion accessories. Bazaarghar provides you ease in shopping by giving various brands’ products in one place for your Eid.

A nice handbag, purse, or clutch is essential for storing all of your Eidi in one safe and secure location. Investing in a decent handbag or clutch will keep your cash safe and improve the appearance of your clothing. This year, simple envelope clutches are popular for casual to semi-formal occasions, while elaborately detailed statement clutches are ideal for formal occasions.

Some stores on from where you can pick your favourite items are:

  • For good quality ladies’ Handbags on Bazaarghar, visit ASTORE and buy the item of your choice.
  • You can also visit High Street Pakistan for a variety of ladies’ purses.
  • As far as ladies’ footwear is concerned, visit Episode 09 Store on bazaarghar for good quality designer leather khussa.


As per the girl’s checklist, eid isn’t complete without a slew of delicate and gorgeous bangles. Wearing bangles on Eid is also a part of Pakistani tradition that completes the Eid celebrations. The market is saturated with various bangle patterns and colours that you may mix and match with your outfit to enhance your beauty. Bangles are popular among Pakistani women because of their feminine texture and delicate appearance on the wrists.

Bangles are always trendy. From ancient times to the present, this has been the most beautiful thing any woman should wear. This is a representation of femininity. You can visit bazaarghar to order matching accessories for your outfits.

Henna (Mehndi)

Henna is an essential part of the Eid festival. In Pakistan, the majority of henna and bangles stalls remain open till the night before Eid. Traditional female household members gather at home in a more intimate space to design simple or detailed designs on hands, arms, and feet. Get your henna tattoos done by a skilled artist to enhance your Eid appearance.


To enjoy the holy festival of Eid, invest in the best to enhance your look on this special day. Bazaarghar has brought video shopping at your doorstep. You just need to go to bazaarghar customer app, select the store you want to shop and place an order to enjoy trustworthy shopping this Eid.